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The sideshow was popularized by Phineas Taylor Barnum, better known as P.T. Barnum.  In the 1830’s, he introduced his first sideshow act, Joice Heth, to the public. She was the 161-year old nursemaid of George Washington. It turns out Heth was only 81, but P.T. learned that he could fascinate a gullible and, more importantly, paying public with human curiosities and freaks of nature.

At the time, it was acceptable family entertainment to gawk at people with biological rarities.  The bearded lady, the lion-faced boy, Anna the Giantess and the Elephant Man were popular draws. The sideshow entertainers accepted the gawking because they were paid handsomely, traveling with the big top circus companies of the late 19th century.

As societal norms changed, the sideshow circuits began to decline in popularity.

Today, the mainstream media continue to portray people outside the big top as freaks to gawk at from a smart phone or computer screen. In many ways, the Internet is the modern day “sideshow” where people’s weight, body image, race, sexual orientation, gender, beauty and personal stories are offered up for viewing.  

Sideshow is Cooper Boone’s third studio album.  It is the latest stop in his personal and musical journey that is a clear departure from his previous two albums. “There was a tipping point where I became less concerned about the entertainment industry’s expectations and more about finding my truth.”

Sideshow has a stripped down sound incorporating traditional American roots instrumentation and three-part harmonies with the modern flare of Boone’s eclectic influences. Boone is not afraid to explore outside the box. He calls it ‘Country BlueGlam’ where Country Bluegrass meets glammed-out fashion.

“Much like my life, I wanted the making of the album to be a discovery process where the authenticity of each song could shine through.  As a new father of two twin daughters, I seek to be a living example of courage, where my instinct is the guiding force. My girlies need to know their Papa was true and fearless to his spirit.”