A Letter To Our Daughters

Dear CeliaRose and Crosby,

It feels like we’ve been waiting life times for you to arrive and now your day is very very near. We both dreamed of having children our whole lives, even in times when that wasn’t very possible for two daddies. But hey, we are dreamers of the impossible! When Daddy Mark met Papa Cooper that seemingly impossible dream became a reality.   The power of deep faith and placing intentions into the world works. You both are testimony to that.

Papa and Daddy are here waiting with a vast sea of others for you to arrive into our world. We want you to know there has been nothing but pure joy and love surrounding your creation. The ingredients for the winning recipe of your beautiful humanness has been:

1. Start with a soulful, talented IVF doctor named Gad Lavy
2. Add one loving anonymous egg donor
3. Stir in some of us
4. Mix it all together with two Angels from NorthEast Surrogacy Partners
5. Then add in ONE very magical woman named Veronica (to carry you for 9 months)

Your surrogate, Veronica, cared for you in her belly like you were her very own even though you are not biologically related to her. We often tell people that if we were able to carry you in our bellies, we could never have met the high standard of love and mindfulness that Veronica has given you. And, not only did we get Veronica in our lives, but we also got her partner Shari and their daughter Samantha as part of the miraculous deal! SCORE!

CC & Crosby Boone Veeder, God has bestowed a great bounty of love in which you are deeply rooted. This love will be the foundation for your growth. Our hope is that you will spread this very deep love wherever you land. We await with such full hearts, anticipating our lives together as we all try to make this world a better place. We are the most blessed fathers-to-be in the entire universe, it’s hard to even comprehend the magnitude and depth of this epic gift. We stand in awe, ready to shower you both with our love + affection + hugs + kisses. NOW HURRY UP AND GET HERE BECAUSE WE ARE READY TO EXPLODE!!!

Papa Cooper and Daddy Mark

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