Week 23, Baby Registry, Names and Advice

Well, we are finally at week 23 and it feels sooooooooooo good!  The babies are the sizes of large mangos this week weighing each about 11 oz. Queen V is great and she reports that the twincesses are moving around a lot in there.

It’s been quite a cray cray past few weeks here in babyland as we scrambled to finish our baby registry(s).  MAN OH MAN!  We never realized just how much  “stuff” is out there to choose from.  Whoosh! Fortunately, many helped us hone in on some of our choices which was a huge help.  Our friends have been amazing so we thank you ten fold.  We are feeling very loved by all of you so thank you for your tips, should/should nots and must haves.

Updates on us: Cooper is  pushing to finish his next album in Nashville this month while Mark,  “the constant gardener”, is prepping the gardens.  June and July are filled with 5 baby showers so it’s gonna be whirlwind.  Many of you have asked for our registry(s) so here they are:
Amazon.com:   http://www.amazon.com/registry/baby/28SI0GMXR5D8I
Giggle.com:  https://www.giggle.com/registry/90558

We are close to our decision on names.  Do you have any suggestions?
Cooper and Mark

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