The challenges of two men having a biological baby are many however, what we didn’t expect was the deepening of our relationship amidst this often bumpy and fragile road.  Our first miscarriage was awful, just plain awful.  We wept, mourning for our little ones (twins as well) who didn’t make it.  Yet, one of the benchmarks for our relationship is tenacity. We simply never ever give up, holding each other up in order to move forward.  So, we moved forward and eventually found Veronica who is so much more to us then a paid surrogate.  She’s like family. I know you’re wondering if the eggs are hers.  The answer is no.  We chose eggs from an egg bank.  Yes, it’s as bizarre as it sounds.  Think Sears catalogue of human eggs! So, Veronica (or Queen “V” as we like to call her) is the magical incubator for our little fertilized eggs.

Happiness is a strange beast.  It waxes and wanes, often being elusive.  Since becoming preggers with twins new feelings have emerged beyond expectation. Our happiness  level has sky rocketed and maintained itself.  Okay okay I’ve have an occasional “beotch” moment or two!  It’s such new territory, this feeling of knowing we are the parents of two growing human beings. When we heard heart beats for the first time we were jettisoned into this crazy ass feeling of bliss.  Babies.  Heartbeats. Love.  Connection.  Dreams Fulfilled.  Magic. God.

We find out the genders of our children on March 24th!  WHAHOOZA!

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