Don’t Judge A Junk Sale By Its Cover

I have a deep love for junking. Some might call it a cray cray obsession. Okay okay,  I just can’t resist a good garage sale, tag sale, flea market, junk shop or stoop sale. I’m always having some sort of outburst while me and Mark are driving along “STOP!”  I blurt out in a rather Tourettes fashion. He smiles, slows down and patiently pulls over knowing “the deal.”  “Do we have cash?” is the first question I ask.  He smiles again, “yup we’re good.”  I then dash out of the truck leaving him in the dust to catch up. Bless bless bless him for putting up with me!

Like many things in life, the key to being a good “junker” is patience.  What might appear to be a pile of crap can often house a hidden treasure.  This past weekend was proof of that theory.  I happened upon a yard sale in Port Jervis, New York.  At first glance it looked like a lot of plastic stuff I had no use for. Crap everywhere.  That was until I spied a set of old chicken measuring cups. I got a rush and a flush.  Can I now say OMG?!  For three bucks I scored these ceramic measuring cups (circa?) that had no cracks or chips. Even if they are not old, I still love them.  SCORE! Just looking at these cups makes me wanna bake, and junk, and bake, and junk and bake and junk.  Oh stop me please!

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